Prayer Groups

Men's Prayer Breakfast

Bojangles US 64 Apex
Mondays at 7:00 am

Prayer. . . a simple word. A word spoken of often in churches, in homes, in hospitals, on television, and even at schools. A word that is used regularly but rarely clearly defined. A word that has meaning but rarely understood.

For many, prayer equates to a wish list or a life preserver. It is a way to attain something out of your grasp. It is something you do when you are struggling in life physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually. For many it is the last resort when it becomes clear that you do not have control of your life or circumstances. But prayer is really more than that.

Prayer is about God. Prayer at its core is communicating with God. It is connecting with the divine. It is worshiping the one true God who is deserving of honor and glory. Prayer is about God.

Over and over again in the Bible we are told, shown, and instructed about the importance of prayer and what prayer is about. Jesus made prayer a key foundational block of His life and ministry. Prayer is about building a relationship with God so that our lives become consumed with Him.

Olive Chapel believes that prayer must be one of the foundational blocks our lives and church is built upon. Jesus declared that we are to be people of prayer and the church is to be a house of prayer. Because of our scriptural belief in prayer, Olive Chapel has prayer groups that meet regularly for prayer and community. These groups meet together to pray with and for each other and to look at God’s Word. These groups spend time together claiming the promises of God through prayer and worship.